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Composite Doors

If you’re looking to improve the warmth, security and reduce maintenance of your home’s exterior doors, Composite Doors offer a perfect solution.
While they give you the appearance of a solid timber door, Composite Doors are made from fibreglass with steel reinforcement and a rigid, high density, energy efficient polyurethane core.

This innovative manmade material is lightweight, yet extremely strong. It has been specifically designed to be hardwearing, energy efficient and stable in all weather conditions.

Because Composite is a composite material it isn’t prone to significant expansion and contraction as the temperature varies with the weather, so Composite doors will never warp or twist. They will never rust, flake or peel either, so you never need to repaint them. 

And to make life even easier, composite doors are virtually maintenance-free - just wipe down occasionally with a damp cloth to keep them looking their best.

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